Chef’s Table LICA 7 – 2013

SET A (Php 85.00)
Lasagna Bolgnese with Garlic Bread
SET B (Php 70.00)
Burger 100% Pure Beef with Fries
Iced Tea
SET C (Php 85.00)
French Toast with Hungarian Sausage
Iced Tea
MENU A (Php 85.00)
Corn and Egg Soup
Breaded Chicken with Mushroom
Plain Rice
Iced Tea
MENU B (Php 85.00)
Pork Bokchoy with Oyster Sauce
Garlic Rice
Mango Pudding
Iced Tea
MENU C (Php 85.00)
Sinigang na Baboy
Rellenong Bangus with Atchara
Plain Rice
Iced Tea
SET A (Php 70.00)
Pancit Bihon with Lumpiang Shanghai
Iced Tea
SET B (Php 30.00)
Turon with Choco Syrup
Iced Tea
SET C (Php 25.00)
Puto Pao
Iced Tea