Train with Chefs Seasoned Locally and Internationally

Culinary students interact as they work together with committed instructors who believed well-seasoned chefs spring from a thorough immersion into both the basics and classics of cooking. No short-cuts, no make-do’s, not recipe-oriented, but scientific and systematic in approach to insure students become competent and motivated.

Acquire Proficiency in Food Preparation

In LICA, it is not just “how to”, but “why”, digging deeper, investigating procedures. It’s not just regional cuisine but international as well. LICA students learn first and foremost, the local ingredients of our ancestors, cooking techniques and heirloom implements; researching and preserving them for posterity. Proficiency and appreciation of what the region already owns.

Discover the Secrets of the Ingredients

Have a love affair with the ingredients and learn why their hidden potency, once uncovered, become the Chef’s secret in their cooking. Know when they are used best; their culinary importance; their roles in healthy cooking; the healing power they bring.